Teamwork – People and Culture Recruitment Team – Cameron Ingham and Sonsee Isaako

Cameron and Sonsee have demonstrated excellent collaboration, working well together and with Managers, to achieve great results. In the last four months they have actioned 51 successful appointments, which is more than 1.5 staff appointments per working day.

To achieve this, Sonsee and Cameron established new processes to keep recruitment actions moving forward during staff leave, demonstrated good communication by creating a new Recruitment and Selection Standard Operating Procedure and working with Managers.

Accountability – Norman Hagen – Administration Officer, Yuelamu

Norman has focused on solutions, making sure all worksites in Yuelamu have had worksite inspections conducted. He is the new HSR and has delivered results quickly. Norman’s role is normally undertaken by higher level staff, but he owns the outcome and ensures the job is done.

Norman received training from the WHS Advisor and immediately put it to good effect, delivering a quality result.

Integrity – Wayne Porter – Aged Care Coordinator, Nyirripi

Wayne keeps his promises by supporting Council values to get great engagement from his local workers. He actively promotes his staff in good news stories and when other staff are visiting. Wayne communicates changes in policy and processes in a culturally appropriate way, ensuring his staff understand Council expectations. This has resulted in consistent staff, reduced absenteeism and allowing Council to consistently deliver full services.

Wayne is responsible, reliable and consistent both with his staff and messages, fulfilling his WHS obligations and with his comprehensive reports to his Manger. He makes sure meetings result in progress, an example being where a serious WHS hazard was reported, but not actioned, Wayne escalated it accordingly until it was resolved.

Photo: Wayne Porter after receiving his certificate, voucher and mug.

Respect – Irene Floyd – Children’s Services Coordinator, Laramba

Irene demonstrates here commitment to Council by aligning with Council’s goals. She did this when she filled the Manager role for a long period, even when she didn’t want to. Irene also ensured services could operate at both Nyirripi and Laramba. She demonstrated her ability to prioritise her duty to Council when dealing with staff issues amongst those who were usually her peers.

Irene acted on behalf of community, advocating strongly through the Local Authority and also her relationships with local staff. Irene actively encourages staff to grow in their roles and mentors local staff to act in a Coordinator role when she is not on community – this is great succession planning in action and promotes sustainable communities in a practical way.

Nominations in the future will be open to all staff. CDRC values are the cornerstone of how we operate and how we deliver services – it is great to have such good examples as our winners!