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The Regional Council

Central Desert Regional Council covers approximately 282,000 square kilometres and spans from the Western Australian border to the Queensland border. The Council has nine major communities - Atitjere (Harts Range), Engawala, Lajamanu, Laramba, Nyirripi, Ti Tree, Yuelamu, Yuendumu and Willowra - with a number of occupied outstations.

The Council's population is approximately 4,000 with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people making up 80.0% of the population. Of the total population, 1947 (approximately 52%) are of working age. The region has 29% of its population under 20 years old.

Quick facts:

The Central Desert Regional Council area is divided into 4 Wards. The Council supports:

  • 12 Councillors
  • 9 local authorities with between 6 and 14 members each

The Council manages approximately $43 million worth of assets, has a turnover of $32 million per year. Council employs approximately 400 staff. The staff provide a wide variety of services including:

  • Maintain and upgrading Council assets including roads, parks, buildings, facilities, plant and equipment.
  • Management of 11 community cemeteries.
  • Waste collection and management of 11 refuse disposal sites.
  • Fire hazard reduction in and around community areas.
  • Animal management.
  • Library and Cultural Heritage Services and support of two libraries.
  • Support and infrastructure upgrades for Outstations.
  • A range of children’s services including playgroups, crèches and long day care as well as School nutrition services in 6 remote communities.
  • Aged care and disability services.
  • Community safety activities.
  • Postal agencies in communities with the exception of Yuendumu (which has a licensed post office)
  • CDP services in the northern Alice Springs region.
  • Centrelink.
  • Youth activities and sport and recreation services which employ community based Sport and Recreation Officers.
  • Essential services (power, water and sewage) with the exception of Laramba and Lajamanu.
  • Family mediation and domestic violence support services including support of the Yuendumu Mediation and Justice Committee.

The Central Desert Regional Council is governed by the Local Government Act.  For more information about local government in the NT please see the NTG website (external link).