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Our Services

Service Plans

The following is a list of the services that Central Desert Regional Council deliver in its region. Service Plans for each service can be found in the latest CDRC Service Delivery Plan available at Plans and Strategies.



Office of the CEO

01 Office of the CEO

02 Human Resource Management

03 Staff Training and Development

04 Work Health and Safety

Corporate Services

05 Financial Management

06 Asset Management

07 Governance

08 Communications

09 Business Support

10 Records Management 

11 Information and Communications Technology

12 Facilities Management

Council Services

13 Municipal Services

14 Waste Management

15 Outstations

16 Contract Services

17 Capital Projects

18 Fleet and Plant

19 Roads

Community Services

20 Aged Care Services

21 Community Safety Patrol

22 Children and Youth Services

23 Community Development Program (CDP)