Desert Think Tank are the Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) team comprised of Abhaya Sharma, Ashlee Fuller, Andrew Cook, Chelina Swaka Lo Buluk, Daniel Shane, and Patchouli Cross.

Rachel Wilson, Director Corporate Services, is the team mentor, and will joining them in Adelaide.

“Speaking on behalf of CDRC, we are incredibly proud of the team to date and I cannot wait to see them in action on the day. Throughout the challenge so far they have demonstrated cohesive teamwork, strong leadership and decision making ability, flexibility and resilience to rise to any challenge that has been put forward to them. I am confident in their ability to excel in Adelaide and I am excited to support them in the journey over the next 4 days,” said Rachel.

If you would like to tune into the announcement of the winners of the Australasian Management Challenge Final on Tuesday 8th August at 1.30pm please see the zoom link below.

Photo: Daniel Shane, Ashlee Fuller, Patchouli Cross, Abhaya Sharma, Chelina Swaka Lo Buluk and Andrew Cook.

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