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Council’s formal decision-making processes are conducted through Ordinary Council meetings and Special Council meetings. Council delegates the specific functions to Council employees. These delegations are exercised in accordance with adopted Council policies. Ordinary Council meetings are held at the Council’s main office in Alice Springs and shared between selected regional offices on a rotating basis, and are conducted in accordance with Local Government Act 2019 and associated Council’s Meeting Procedure. Special Council meetings are occasionally held for specific matters. All Ordinary Council meetings and Special Council meetings are advertised on the Meetings page of this website.

Governance has the ownership of the governance and compliance requirements of Council. This includes: drafting and monitoring of bylaws; ownership of compliance calendar and ensuring all mandated activities are completed according to legislation or Council agreed review dates; up-to-date Council Policies and Council adherence to relevant Acts, Regulations and Policies; management of Council meeting procedures and requirements, provide secretariat for Council meetings (agendas and minutes), payment and management of Councillors allowances and fees, scheduling, and general support services to elected members and its committees.

In line with the Northern Territory Government’s Guideline 8 – Regional Councils and Local Authorities (effective 29 January 2016), each Local Authority (LA) is required to hold four meetings a year. Governance provides LA adminstration including providing secretariat, payment and management of allowances and fees, scheduling, LA project and general support services to elected members, committees and Local Authority members. 

To read the Good Governance Guide click here: Empower - Good Governance Guide.

Please also see the Council Policies and other Plans and Strategies.