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The following governance principles guide the Central Desert Regional Council:

Respect for Cultural Diversity

We recognise and respect the culture of the Anmatjere, Warlpiri and Arrernte people who make up the vast majority of residents, have cared for the country and been here since time immemorial (a very long time).

We recognise and respect the culture of non-indigenous people who first arrived as pioneers in the 1850s, economically developed the region and play a significant role in the region today.

We accept and use a democratic (non-Indigenous) system for decision making for formal Council business, whilst encouraging consensus (general agreement) at all times.

We acknowledge that decision making based on the cultural traditions of the Anmatjere, Warlpiri and Arrernte people is normally practised by the majority of residents.

Serving all the residents

We serve all our residents by doing an impartial professional job to the best of our ability.

Social justice

We will be fair, honest and reasonable in all our dealings - particularly when making difficult decisions.

We believe that the provision of basic community infrastructure, reasonable housing, decent roads, good waste management facilities, secure employment, and provision of training and professional development opportunities contribute to the alleviation of poverty.

Working together

We work together with the Australian and Northern Territory government and representative organisations in the best interest of residents.

We welcome and support private enterprise being established throughout the region and believe a strong, diversified regional economy will encourage better employment outcomes.

Responsible leadership and sustainability

Our leaders are accountable to their constituents (the people they represent) and make responsible decisions about the sustainable use of natural resources, sustainable development and protection of the environment.

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