The Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) has been working tirelessly to get the centre operational again, and the community couldn't be happier.
Yurrampi Childcare Centre reflects Children's Services' commitment to high-quality early learning experiences. Local educators design engaging and educational programs tailored to each community's needs, and CDRC has applied for the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) for the centre to make childcare more accessible for families.
"Our first day was fantastic! We welcomed our first child bright and early at 8 am. Everyone is thrilled to have childcare back in operation," shared Jo Schroeders, Manager of Yurrampi Childcare Centre.
The reopening brings much-needed support to working parents and families. Many grandparents who were caring for young children full-time can now share the responsibility.
This is a positive step forward for Yuendumu, ensuring quality early learning opportunities for its youngest members!

Photo above: Remi, Mason, Jo Schroeders with Kira Briscoe reading a story to the children.

Nap time.Nap time.

The Yurrampi Childcare Centre logo.The Yurrampi Childcare Centre logo.