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To drive to the community from Alice Springs, travel 70 Kilometres (km) north along the Stuart Highway; turn right along the Plenty Highway for 90 km and then turn left 20 km past Gemtree and continue for 28 km on unsealed road to the community.

Engawala has a women's centre, childcare, school, remote health clinic, Council office, as well as a recreation hall with a youth program. 

CDRC suggest clicking the links below for further useful information

The Northern Territory Government has put together resources to help your visit to community be successful.  Please have a look at the Remote Engagement and Coordination Strategy and Toolkit available from or!/home (external sites)

Council's activities in Engawala:

No. Staff: 20 people (85% Indigenous)

Local Authority:  Cr Audrey Inkamala (Chairperson), Kathy Inkamala (Deputy Chairperson), Elizabeth Dixon, Dianne Dixon, Joy Turner, Janet Tilmouth, Rachel Tilmouth.

Ward Councillors: Cr Adrian Dixon (CDRC President), Cr James Glenn, Cr David McCormack, Cr Audrey Inkamala (LAC Chairperson)

Community Achievements (2018/2019):

  • Women's Centre Improvements
  • Landfill Upgrade
  • Solar Lights installed
  • Football Ground Improvements
  • Waste Recycling Program

Phone (08) 8956 9989
Fax (08) 8956 9976