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The community is located approximately 560 kms south west of Katherine, on the northern edge of the Tanami Desert and the eastern side of Hooker Creek. Access is via the sealed Buntine Highway and then via 100kms of unsealed road. Access can also be made from Alice Springs utilising the Tanami Road, which is unsealed and often in poor repair. By road the travel time is 6 hours drive to Katherine.


The Northern Territory Government has put together resources to help your visit to community be successful.  Please have a look at the Remote Engagement and Coordination Strategy and Toolkit available from or

You can also go to our Visiting Communities page.

Community Plan

You can view the communiy's plan at Lajamanu Community Plan 2021.

Council Presence in Lajamanu

No. Staff: 21 people (86% Indigenous)

Local Authority: Vacant (Chair), Sheree Anderson (Deputy Chair), Jenny Johnson, Andrew Johnson, Maxie Gordon, Lindon Gordon, Shaun Johnson and Cr Andrew Johnson.

Ward Councillors: Cr Cyril Tasman and Cr Andrew Johnson.

Community Projects (2019/2020)

  • Relocated softball oval
  • Purchased two 2000L potable water trailers for use at community events
  • Cleaning package and gardening package for each household
  • In progress – playground equipment for football oval, additional shade structures and landscaping.


Phone (08) 8974 5500
Fax (08) 8974 5501