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Rates, Fees and Charges


Under the Local Government Act 2014 (Chapter 11), land within a local government area is divided into three basic categories:

* Rateable land
* Conditionally rateable land; and
* Exempt land



Conditionally rateable land is generally either a pastoral lease or mining tenement. Rateable land comprises all land that is not conditionally rateable or exempt.

Please refer below for rates declarations relating to these three categories of land.


Under the Local Government Act 2014 section 157, a Council is able to charge fees for good or services provided to the residents, businesses or visitors to the Region provided that these fees are adopted by the Council. Fees and charges are important to the Regional Council as these fees recover real costs to the Council and provide a vital source of untied revenue.  The schedule of fees and charges below is a statement of the fees charged by the Council for the current financial year.