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Children's Services

Council manages several early childhood services as part of its commitment to supporting Central Desert residents.


Children's Services is focused on continually improving the quality of services offered to families in Laramba, Nyirripi and Yuelamu, creating a strong support system for young families. All of our children’s services employ local early childhood educators who create and run a variety of stimulating, engaging, and educational activities within programs that are catered to each individual community group.


CDRC has Early Childhood Childcare Centres in Laramba, Nyirripi and Yuelamu.


A qualified team Children’s Services management team support and coordinate these services liaising with internal and external stakeholders. The services are led by qualified facilitators and coordinators. All staff work in collaboration with the community to recruit and support local early childhood educators.


In recognition of the importance of early childhood development, in line with the NT and Australian Governments' focus within the Children’s Services sector, we participate in a number of partnerships including with the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education, Early Childhood Australia, Families as First Teachers, Territory Families, Remote health teams and World Vision Australia to support training local families.


Council is exploring future options with government departments for sites where there are currently no children's services.


To find out more about Children's Services contact Central Desert Regional Council on 08 8958 9500.

 Yuendumu Child Care Centre