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Local Roads

The Council manages over 1,700 km of local roads.  Most of the roads are within the Council's nine communities, however, Council also manages a number of access roads to community.

Please refer to the local road conditions page for any scheduled road works or known road restrictions.

Central Australia Flash Flooding

Central Australia received flooding rains during the December 16 / January 17 period, estimated as a Q50 event (1-in-50-year intensity). Damage was widespread across Central Desert, MacDonnell and NT Government roads, and the event has been officially declared a Disaster named as “Central Australia Flash Flooding –December 2016 and January 2017”.This allow agencies to apply for National Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements funding from the Australian Government (through the NT government).

Council-managed roads sustained severe damage to road surfaces and drainage infrastructure. This includes some roads recently repaired after major flood damage in 2015 (also estimated as a Q50 event).

Yuelumu Primary access

Since mid February 2017, Council staff and consultants have been formally assessing the extent of new damage and are due to complete this assessment by 15 April 2017. A report will be prepared and lodged with an application to the NDRRA program for funding. This will include an urgent request to fund ‘betterment’ upgrades to existing drainage so future heavy rains do not cause similar damage again.

Meanwhile, Council has opened all damaged roads and has restarted repair works in the Yuendumu region using ongoing funding from the 2015 NDRRA program.